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Yikes - August 1

I've already seen back to school ads and the odd Hallowe'en trinket, but I'll be the first to admit I really bristle if I see Christmas materials before Halloween.

That said I just finished quilting a Christmas Wreath wall hanging for a dear friend.


I spend much more time on it than I think she expected as I decided not to do what the pattern suggested and just Stitch in the ditch the whole piece ( Boring).

So I kicked it up a notch by drawing holly the holly. As they didn't show as well as I hoped,..... I satin stitched ever line. Then I went back over the bow and satin stich it's outline as well, ....and the center cross hatching .

All that was left was the border. So IT,.......I did Stitch in the Ditch.

Using pattern paper, I drew holly leaves all around the green areas. They over hung into the background in a few places.

This paper can be stitched through, so after I outlined all the holly I went back over each line using the satin stitch.

The leaves just show. That was the intent.

A lot more exciting than just stitching every seam.

All set now to be finished with a border... and a few months. LOL.

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