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Yikes! Another Month Slipped By

I guess the gardening excuse is wearing a little thin but I'm not finished.

When I consider the energy output this year I really hope that next Spring I'll have the same enthusiasm as this year. But then I had a BIG project.....No More Grass. That provided a lot of push.

The Front Yard is done.


I have neglected my art.

Physically only.

It's been swirling around in my head, robbing me of sleep and energy.

Hate that indecision.

So many ideas. And with a Trunk show and a spring Workshop on the books, I decided I wanted to create somethings brand new.

I did play with a my friends a few times this last month and today I decided I would 'finish' those two pieces. In this case 'finish' means decide how to embellish these rather abstract pieces.

Nothing earth shattering. Some hand stitching is planned.

So here are these pieces.

I had read something about home made Gesso so I wanted to test it.

This one is the loose muslin (of which I bought a bolt and now I need to find ways other than Etching to use it.) The gesso stopped the paint from leaking right through and offered a smooth surface.

The green smears were an attempt at Northern lights and as I hadn't decided which way was up...... I applied neon green paint in two directions.

After that we did some simple transfer/print work using bits of leaves and grasses to add drama? using dark paint.

And...... as you can see I wasn't too impressed and immediately cut it in half.

I left it for another few weeks and then a couple of nights ago I came up with an idea.

After cutting one of the discarded pieces into a 'frame' and adding an external image, ( this time transferred to a piece of plastic bag, ) I have something I actually like.

Currently glued to a third 'gessoed' canvas I'm thinking some hand stitching.

The second piece, I almost learned from my misadventures.

A lot less control and looser paint.

A few botanical prints.

A good start

But this needs more,..... and I'm not there yet.

Of course I have a few other NEW Project ideas whirling in my head. (Trying not to go out and BUY fabric.)

Unfortunately? the weather is changing back to nice, so those jobs still left in the garden will take precedence.

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1 Comment

Oct 21, 2022

I LOVE how you split the one piece to make a frame for the other. Stunning!

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