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Workshop with Ana Buzzalino

Here's the results of Day 1, 3 hr. workshop.

Light or pale was recommended for a first effort. I surprised myself with what I did have. All those cutoffs from oversized art quilts and painted fabrics finally? came into their own.

This piece now needs to be matchstick quilted, another activity I really enjoy. As I drew the initial stitching lines with a water erasable pen, the spritzing with water moved a little colour, an effect I'm also okay with.

And a plus side to actually taking this workshop was I was able to experience what 3 hrs of a zoom workshop was like. I hadn't felt happy after the one I gave a while ago, whether it was a positive experience. Now I'm happy that it probably was for most. I think how I approached it was correct.

The only down side to the whole thing was during the last hour my Hard Drive on the basement laptop crashed and burned. My favourite I.T. guy dragged me down from the ceiling and is replacing it I type.

For now it's recommended I decide how it's going to be finished as the last process of adding to the service can render it rigid and machine stitching is not advisable.

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