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Workshop Prep

Had a slow start designing a workshop for the guild in Norwich. Stating what the group wants is always tricky. What I'm really after is their level of expertise, and in any group there are always really good crafters as well as more the more hesitant.

But we finally decided on a piece with water.

Now I don't have too many of those in my repertoire and more of the really good one's are sold. So I started from scratch here and fashioned a scene from a photo that that most people could readily identify with.

I stripped away a lot.

The evergreens on the left foreground are difficult and time consuming for a lot, so I changed those to birch trees, a perennial favourite.

A rough layout of the main background materials gives a lot of freedom.

Shadows and vegetation starts to round out the scene.

I was originally going to leave off here so the quilters could see how shapes and colours are used to give dimension and perspective.

The group asked me to finish it. That's a pleasure. It gives me lots of scope to gussy it up!

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