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Whisper Project 2

This has been a very jumbled and busy month. It hasn't helped that I've been working around Covid here. The fuzzy brain leaves me more interested in napping that creating. The garden was neglected and the city no longer takes the yard waste.

But I did get started last week after tossing ideas around in my head since the beginning of the month.


That was the task.

I decided to go back to an early piece, some hydrangea, and use the same method. The petals are Yoyos, albeit a lot smaller.

After some dogged and an annoying start I finally created something I like.

The piece is only 12 inches square. I'm not sure it would have been easier to got bigger here.

Tiny circles, the largest a little more than an inch.

Stitched and drawn up tight.

Size is right. I only need a few dozen more.

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