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Two Colour Lino Print

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The last three weeks were spent outside. Yes. it's almost been that long. After the long anticipated good rain I had an excuse for not working in the garden. Things need to dry.

Sometimes our nice summer weather seems so short, specially when you are looking back in October.

Over the course of the rainy day I carved the lino for this two colour piece (sourced from the internet) No guilty conscience over outside things needing to be finished. (I am working on a big project. I'll show when it's finished.)


The original I pulled from Pinterest. I wish I could give credit but there is no info available.

I reduced it's size to 6"x8". It's a nice size to work with given the paper I have to print on.

I also discovered a transfer method (image to the lino block) using Acetone. Much slicker than carbon paper.

The print is divided into two steps. The back ground and white image of flowers are on the right and the front image of the bird and more flowers, the left.

Using the softer green 'lino' made things go faster. It still took most of yesterday to cut the images.

I don't yet have a failsafe way to mark the alignments of the block and paper on my press.

So there's a lot of trial and error here, the best teacher they say.

I ran about ten pieces and between inking issues (more practice needed) and alignment slips I ended with two pieces that I'm not totally ashamed of.

So much more to practice!

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