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Three Weeks Later - Gardening and Quilting

I will admit I spent most of the last weeks working in the garden.

It didn't help that we kept going back to our favourite nursery, Northland Nursery in Flamborough, but without a substantial rain here ALL summer, I wasn't happy about trying to transplant materials from my own garden. When you can't get a shovel in the ground, there's a message there.

I'm at the point where I have no choice but to wait till next month to finish. But in the meantime I had some client works to finish.

My clients are very tolerant of my iffy time scale, but I'm glad I can contact my friend to pick up her finished quilt.

So here's her Quilt and here's the garden. Just a few spaces left for Daylilies.

Both have such bright and sunny colours.. Enjoy!

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