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Three Weeks Later

It took me longer than I expected to recover from the jet lag and then I needed to prep for the Fergus Guild workshop as well as a round of appointments and other commitments.

I had to squeeze in a little garden time too.

But I just returned from Windsor where I joined my sister and sister in law to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the construction of our high school. Walkerville Collegiate Institute.

( I had no idea my baby sister could still party so hard.)

But we had a great time and wandered through the old neighbourhood marvelling how the houses had shrunk and the streets were shorter than we remembered.

Our parents are long gone but we took a few photos of our childhood home.

The landscaping is different and it looks so small.

My bedroom was at the back behind the chimney breast. On rainy nights I would open the two little windows under the eves and listen to sounds of nature. Good memories.

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Heather Stone
Heather Stone
19 juin 2023

It was lovely to visit with you at the Walkerville 100th. It was a great event. Your art is beautiful. I'm so glad I took a look around at all your pieces. The sunflower is gorgeous! You have an amazing eye for the little details. ❤️🌻

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Thanks Heather. It was really nice to spend some time with you and your Dad. Chances are another visit to Windsor/Walkerville will be much lower on our 'to do' lists! Give him my best and stay well.


I grew up near Amherstburg - so there were a lot of trips to Windsor and Walkerville. For a time Willistead Manor housed the Art Gallery and a lot of resources that my dad, Head of the English Dept at General Amherst High, needed. So I would get to go with him to pick them up. We would always cruise past Walkerville High and look at all the beautiful oldish houses. For a while the area seemed to be going downhill, but it is vibrant again. One row of old worker homes that had been crumbling about 30yrs ago, was updated into nice looking townhouses and an acquaintance bought one when they were redone; they still look lovely. Such a…

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