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Three Weeks Later

It took me longer than I expected to recover from the jet lag and then I needed to prep for the Fergus Guild workshop as well as a round of appointments and other commitments.

I had to squeeze in a little garden time too.

But I just returned from Windsor where I joined my sister and sister in law to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the construction of our high school. Walkerville Collegiate Institute.

( I had no idea my baby sister could still party so hard.)

But we had a great time and wandered through the old neighbourhood marvelling how the houses had shrunk and the streets were shorter than we remembered.

Our parents are long gone but we took a few photos of our childhood home.

The landscaping is different and it looks so small.

My bedroom was at the back behind the chimney breast. On rainy nights I would open the two little windows under the eves and listen to sounds of nature. Good memories.

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