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Things don't always work out

The less said about my workshop experience the better.

As I've said to my friends, I'm not meant to go anywhere near 'abstract.'


I did move on with the sunflower.

A few false starts here with order really.

I cut away the excess dish cloth, leaving an inch surround which will also hold the petals. Then I machine stitched the flower to a light backing and batting and carefully stitched the centre in both directions.

As I was about to start adding petals I decided I needed to apply the final background. Remembering this is going to be cut up,... I introduced black velvet.

The petals were originally going to be 3D, then I decided to fuse them and now with the velvet they will be satin stitched in place, two rounds to start with. Maybe three.

Blizzard out the window...Sunflowers ae the perfect salve.

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