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Things are moving Forward

Before I could begin the assembly of the tapestry for the Hospice there were a lot of decisions made, scrapped and other ideas tested.

Almost there.

First, I knew I wanted to acknowledge the connection the Hospice has with our local Quilt Guilds. All of the 'blankets' are quilts donated as comfort for the family members as well as being used on the patients' bed. Often the quilts go home with the family.

For my part I decided, early on, to insert a few quilt 'blocks' into the landscape as a small accent or an 'I spy' feature. The sky seemed one logical place. It is very limited in this piece and for the most part there are trees and vegetation covering it. I'm thinking some green blocks will turn up in the foliage as well.

I chose to use up my bits and pieces of 'sky' material and mix them in a 9 patch square. Each patch finishes at 3 inches. There are 36. They will be mixed in with solid pieces of blue materials throughout.

And as I type, the last two rows of my enlarged forest scene are being printed. Now I can start taking measurements and deciding placements .

As always...background first.

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