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The tree

I wanted to do something different. It was too big to use the smocking/pleater machine.

I ended up cutting strips and pieces in three fabrics. The two brown fabrics I used both sides.

Surprisingly this took about 3 days.

Mentally I treated it like confetti assuming I would cover the whole with netting.

The first go round was really flat. There wasn't enough definition in the trunk. I wanted some areas to be darker and less distinct.

I looked for some brown or black dyed cheesecloth and discovered I'm totally out of several colours.

Not to be denied......... I unearthed the scraps of black netting that had been used for hoop work and cut away.

All the pieces were rumpled and irregular in shape and size.


I dropped them randomly and left them folded or twisted.

The whole I covered with a single piece of black netting.

Then using a piece of parchment paper for insurance against moving or melting....ironed everything flat and pinned it like standard confetti.

Tomorrow I can sew.

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