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The Critters

In the Myriorama's former life it was a story board, so it stands to reason I need to add some critters. Just to satisfy my head, I went to a fabric store to see if they had any Frog material in the children's section. Almost every other animal had a big selection. The frog had one pitiful fabric.

Next step... make my own frogs.

As these had a size limitation I decided not to try thread painting first. Rather I dug out my ink sticks and started sketching on fabric. This shows some real promise.

But I think I'll try some coloured fabric instead of white to see if it makes a difference.

One more time, and different pens, Hethrone pens.................a keeper.

And to fasten the frogs to the lily pads.

I did think fusing but I was thinking, given the nature of these pieces that will be handled a lot and moved about......the edges might lift and fray.

I took the original forte and started a little hand applique. This material is courser and heavier that the last successful pair, so it should do just fine.

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