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Small trees and shrubs

Filling in the understory of the woods takes time and uses small increments.

A hoop of free motioned trees and shrubs takes time and risks becoming a very boring process.

But these pieces are actually mixed colours, both the woody portions and the leaves.

You'd think after 2 hours of stitching there would be a large chunk of background finished but after the individual pieces are cut out, placed and seems like nothing at all.

A few more days of 'nothing at all' and I can move on to the forest ferns and finishing the base of the tree trunk.

It was nice to finally have a few hours to spend on this piece.

Visitors, appointments, and gardening do interfere, ( and summertime laziness)

But, as we approach July, the garden too is coming along. The spring show is finished and the early summer plants shine now.

(And I repainted the garage door).

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