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Re-Thinking Leaves

I have approached leaves in many ways and I wanted a change.

I haven't done many macro examples but this little mystery group project I agreed to seemed to be an opportune time to try something different.

This 'picture' is limited to a 12x12 inch canvas, achingly small for me, hence the macro move. I combed the internet for inspiration and there were two things I wanted to try.

One, I had done something similar before and that was making the leaves transparent by using organza only.

I tried this again, but I couldn't remember how many layers I used. It was such a quick project I recorded very little about it.

So I started with one layer and quickly realized there was no colour. I superimposed another 4, and overshot the effect I was after.

But it still has possibilities.

But I found outlining with a satin stitch on the jagged edge as found on a maple leaf was painful, so I went to plan B.

Straight stitching a free motion outline, I filled the interior of the leaf with small circles.

I used a variegated red/yellow/blue thread and put orange on the bottom.

However, when finished I was very disappointed.

The surface colours were too jarring, but the backside was a different story.

One was stitched with orange in the bobbin, the second with deep red, the third with brighter scarlet and the fourth, the smallest with brown.

This is more like what I had in mind.

I think I need a dozen or so, perfect studio work when the weather outside is still so hot.

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