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Prepping for a Workshop

I'm giving a workshop in about 10 days so I've been gathering my demo pieces as well as restocking on a few things that I hope to introduce to these participants.

Today it's cheesecloth, the 'wonder fabric' that can totally alter the colour of fabric.

Plain white $STORE kitchen grade cheesecloth is stained with left over paint. Even though today is very dull and rain is expected in about 4 hrs, I've hung the pieces outside to drip. I don't expect any issues if I have to bring the in, even if they're still damp and if there is any transfer of colour between them, that's a bonus.

I'm working here with some basic colours but also need to work up quite a bit of yardage of muddy browns and greys. Those are the ones that really add texture to ground and the other supporting actors in the landscapes.

So over 2 days, there are 11. I'll be happier with at least 6 more shades of brown, of earth tones.

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