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New Beginnings

April has been so rainy, chaotic and busy and other than regular pottery classes I've been in a bit of a holding pattern.

I was offered and accepted a commission for a large tapestry to hang in the main foyer of the Guelph Wellington Hospice. I did not pursue this, but I was recommended by an acquaintance from the quilter's Guild where I was a member of for a long time.

I've gone through every emotion in the book: disbelief, excitement, the 'OMG what have I done? moment'.

After a wonderful chat with the director of the Hospice I came away with some very clear ideas.

As I'm not really a great artist and draw poorly I rely on photos. The internet did not let me down. After looking through hundreds of pictures, (royalty free) I cobbled together a few that I think embody the feeling and emotion I want to covey.

I received approval of my design today.

Next step is to find a shop to enlarge my picture choice to an 8' by 6' pattern.

Then the fun begins.!

Hope you enjoy the process and follow along with me.

I've already spent too many hours in my head so it's nice to have the Green Light!

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1 Comment

How exciting Mary! I can’t believe this will be anything but spectacular.

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