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March is Over

As the weather warms, I start pressing my nose against the glass and longing for my Garden and my small collection of Bonsai.

My husband and I talked and explored whether it's feasible for me to use some OVEN fired crafting clay to make a few pots.

Instead he researched and found me a Pottery class.

Last week I actually, successfully threw two small pots on the Wheel. I was so excited I neglected to photograph them! They sit now under plastic to retard the drying so they can still be worked in another week.

Today we did some slab work and I managed to assemble two different pots. They will sit a week like the previous ones till I can get back to smooth, trim and finish them.

This one was left upside down over a mold, but I did get the feet attached and a drainage hole cut.

Next time I will take it off the mold and add a rim.

This square one is straight slab work.

The sides do look a little wonky, but it too, will get a rim applied. That should hide a few flaws. It also needs feet and a drainage hole cut.

Four pots on the go!

Next week!

And I do have another art project in the fire at the moment but that isn't finalized as of yet!

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