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Prep for Thursday - Workshop Day 2

While this workshop is an exercise in abstract I was fine with assembling the background with bits and pieces, roughly related by colour and/or design and print. I spent a long time looking at the examples on Ana Buzzalino's web page but it just wasn't talking to me.

I realized I wanted a 'story' for my final pass, but what story.

The soft colour in the fabrics were all either eco-dyed or were cutoff from a nature themed art piece. To make a long story shot I wanted some 'life' on my piece.

Many years ago I played with a gel transfer medium (Golden) but after using the pieces on purses etc, I found it to stiff to work with. But this piece is going to be finished with a Golden medium and will end up being less flexible, or even hard.

Deep in my files I found a discard piece, Field mice that hadn't transferred completely. I wanted to, (and still may) put them on my piece. But the worm was put in my mind and I couldn't let the field mice go. They were a group of three and I cropped hem down to two.

I printed the original 3 on organza and they looked good on the background but rather small as the only Nature addition. So I hunted down a solitary mouse for balance. I put him on organza tomorrow. But he's climbed the stock of grain so that needs a companion as well.

So what goes with mice? Grass and grains, maybe some small shrubs.

Today I carved a sheaf of grain as a linocut block (L). And tried 2 different mediums,: tissue paper and organza.

I'll play with the colour of these prints tomorrow.

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