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Post Christmas Stitching

What would Christmas be without a whirlwind visit from the 4yr old Grand. After all, we have the rest of the month to recover from too much food and action.

As he was leaving he stood in front of my computer and compared the screen saver to the Sunflower mounted on the wall behind him. "Is this a picture of that sunflower on the wall?"

"Yes, I made it."

He was silent for a few moments.

"Wow, a fabric flower!" and then he was out the door........

So today I sat quietly in from of the quilting frame, put on some soft slow music and stitched for a few hours. A lot of the time was taken by the auditioning of scraps.

I had started to ad some Sachiko style stitching but now I've decided to wait until the whole piece is finished.

Time to unstitch and add a few bits of orphaned blocks.

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