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Playing with Fire

Adding fire to the mix was decided in the middle of the night some time ago after watching the endless new clips coming from California and British Columbia. I even googled fire maps just to make sure my sister's home wasn't in immediate peril.

We saw last year in the videos from Australia's devastating fires, the animals that were in harms way. The photos of Koala with burnt feet stayed with me.

While we see the loss of towns and homes, we don't show pictures of our dead wildlife, The heat catastrophe on the western seashores was shocking enough, but hey, they're only shellfish and the like.

Inland animals are harmed and displaced by these fires and that too, is a recipe for loss of life.

So I decided to put my quail family in peril.

The tall guardian cock bird stares helplessly, right into your eyes.

But how to add fire.

I had painted some fabric but I didn't want fire to be a feature but rather a discovery.

The reaction I want should be .....

' Oh no '.

I'm still playing.

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