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New Years Eve

Finished this yesterday.

It took just under 2 weeks. It definitely served it's purpose to help me unwind this holiday season.

If your family was anything like mine, we made plans to get together then we cancelled plans to get together. (Bought too much food not thinking things would change.)

Christmas really isn't over until I celebrate with all but that could take a few weeks in light of the new lockdown.

A February get away was also cancelled and though we did buy insurance it it may take weeks, (past the cancellation deadline) to get confirmation and a refund. We were so anxious to just get away..........but we jumped the gun.

So I stitched away my frustrations, with no end game in site........yet.

I do intend to over stitch it with designed borrowed from Sashiko, (lots of handwork) but it's end use is still floating out there.

In my mind it's been a background for a 'tree canopy' style piece, a purse, a panel in an underused jacket. Who knows? I may just cut it up again.

But now I have a piece on which I can stitch anything I like, or think of.

First I need to think about which way is up. (or do I!)

Every aspect makes it a really different piece.

If it's going to remain whole then this matters. If it's not does the stitching matter either?

( 30" square )

So for now I'll mark it up with guidelines for the standard stitching, then root through my yarns to see if what I have will tolerate the process of drawing through various thickness of materials.

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