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More for the Middle Ground

I did solve my dilemma with the size of the cabin. Sometime in the night I decided to cut off the foundation (bottom) and shift it up. It shortened or flattened the cabin. I can live with that now.

I really only added two more colours to the midground in the area of the upper story of trees. Two shades of gold anchored the position of the final trees. At the same time the cabins were added. It was possible to remove some of the confetti that fell under the cabin roof leaving less bulk in that region. I also played with added a few small evergreens. I left one in place but I don't think I'll duplicate it for the final piece.

To finish today I covered sample #3 with tulle and loosely pinned it. It needs a lot more pinning before I can roll it and put it under the needle but it's secure enough I can remove it from the table. As it might take more than a day to stitch this one I will leave until I'm finished the last one. At this point I think it's important to stitch with the necessary density of stitches. It's more that just anchoring, it's a sample of how to finish confetti work.

None of these first samples have any batting. If I'm going to stitch the sky this time around I do need to add batting. So there are still a few decisions to make.

Tomorrow I'll turn my attentions to finishing the fourth and final sample. There is still a lot to decide and source. In addition to adding bigger trees and finishing the midground trees, the foreground is a combination of shrubs and grasses.

Here's where I left off today.

The one on the left, #3, is retiring.

We'll see how far I get tomorrow.

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