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March 1 and Signs of Spring

Where has the time gone?

It went into a little? side project I started almost two weeks ago.

A Quilt.

A specific quilt.

(Just what I need....another quilt.)

I must of had cabin fever really badly as this is an astonishing leap away from my usual.

But it was receiving a lot of hype from my home Guild I decided to jump in with the rest of the girls and bought the complete kit.

It was a brand I'd never encountered and the precision for the cutting and assembly was a great exercise. After only a week I stopped having to rip out and reassemble any piece.

So here is half of the Tula Pink Butterfly. I did modify it a bit. The the half is assembled in panels and only needs to be stitched together.

Doing this was a nice break of mindless sewing but once I started, I had to push through to the end. I didn't dare start anymore dying or lino printing. I play messy.

Another few days and my workshop will be free to play again.

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1 Comment

The colours are so vibrant. I am looking forward to seeing the completed project. And...really.. is there such as thing as too many quilts??? :)

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