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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Here is my latest and last piece (for now) and I'm rather pleased with it. There is so much scope to this process that I mean to explore.

My gallery is in my sister's B&B in Golden, BC. and as a thank you, I've sent them this etching, part of a very limited edition.

I've also sent a dozen or so Art pieces I've been sitting on. Covid ended a lot of In Person workshops and shows. So I cleared my stockpile keeping only pieces I do not plan to part with.

Reluctantly I'm setting this new activity aside along with the lino printing to deal with two major issues.

1) I need more space.

There isn't any more, so I'm working on re-jigging my studio and I am being ruthless with abandoning hoarded fabrics. If I haven't used it in 10 yrs. ?

The addition of these two new activities come with they're own clutter and equipment. The biggest drawback is INK. I don't dare get out fabric or take in client quilts.

2) The other issue and perhaps the bigger one...... Spring and the gardens.

It never ends. I started reducing the grass component last year and I'm continuing it as the ground becomes workable.

And before the heat.

I'll be busy for awhile.

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