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Laying out the Skeleton

This is a large piece. I had earlier decided the only place I could get a picture of my own progress was to hang the canvas on my garage door with magnets

As you can see, it worked fine. Even the small 9 square patches are in place.

Though I knew I was going to finish the piece on the longarm, I didn't expect to do so, so soon.

I'm quite happy with it at this stage.


As I was removing it from the door..... I stepped backwards into those pails of stones.

A trip to the hospital with our marvelous EMS here in Guelph revealed I broke my shoulder.

(I do have the Xray, but I'll spare you that.)

It was my left shoulder........I am completely left handed.......I can do nothing.

So they say....

Stay tuned.

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1 Comment

Oh Mary! I’m so sorry! Hope you aren’t in terrible pain and you heal double quick

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