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It's not finished until I say so

In spite of the intricacy of the assembly I actually took it apart...twice.

And after rummaging through what I thought was a large quantity of yarn, I discovered I had no black yarn of any quantity.

And I'm not making a trip out for that right now

So I've switched to white trees, birch to be exact.

And that decided I took it apart to I could move the 'light ' block. And that meant I needed to shuffle another dozen.

While I was at that I decided the light source was the moon. Not all moons in art are giant and this one is smaller than the 3 inch blocks, and set in as well. (That could change.)

it's an interesting little exercise making a circle with in a square without cutting a circle....

The pictures say it better.

All I used was school glue and when the background is quilted (coming up next) the moon edge will be secured.

A canning ring was a nice size

Using tweezers, tiny little 'snips' are secured with glue

All the way around.

The yellow block was slipped behind and I added a layer of white organza and some Angelina for sparkle.

All that was left was to sew all the pieces back together. This has a better feel. Now I can quilt it and finish it before I add the trees.

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1 Comment

Oh my gosh - I love this!! So much personality. The background grabs and the trees and beings in them pull the observor in. Where do you see it ending up? I might have missed the post - an entry for a show? a gift? for sale?

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