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It's Been Over a Month

Life has been pure chaos for the last month and with a muddled mind it was frustratingly impossible for me to think about my art. All my video equipment sat idle.

I did try.

And I despaired getting back to this blog.

The house has been in turmoil with purchasing new appliances which necessitated the 'borrowing' of my art space to store 'stuff'. Pretty sad when you get excited about a new washer. At least now I can safely wash my quilts.

We put in a new driveway and are now enduring a new roof installation.

A new bed took a few days to get right. Who needs a mattress AND box springs (when together they put you frightening close to the ceiling.

The gardens needed to be put to bed, roses wrapped, and beds cut back, bird feeders remounted, rabbit barriers inspected and repaired and my Bonsai winterized. The vegetable garden is still evolving so all the soil needed to be stored for next year. (Yes, all those pails are full of soil.)

You can have ideas and lots of mental UFOs but without the energy, nothing happens.

Zoom meetings may be better than nothing but it took a couple of 'in person" afternoon get togethers that finally pushed me in the right direction.

I think I was tired.

And daylight savings time ending......didn't help one bit.

But I've actually zeroed in on 3 projects. One is a future workshop, another is reworking my quails and the third is in my lap now.

Online there has been so much posted about slow stitching and hand work and a perfect project landed in my lap. (That's why I love my creative friends. When I had no ideas ..they did.)

This is a sweet exercise, a quarter of a sunflower finishing at 10"x10". I decided to make the 4 pieces for a future wall hanging.

At this size it's all about texture so I grabbed what was at hand. A stained dishcloth was the right size for the flower center. I thought the waffle texture might aid me, though right now it's a bit annoying trying to get thick needles through.

I'm using crochet cotton, sometimes double and sometimes more. So far...loose and sloppy giant French knots and some Bullions. A little hard on the fingers but I'm enjoying sitting in a comfy chair (while the roof elves hammer away.)

I am doing all four center pieces. That will take the whole of the cloth. Once I get out of the center of the flower and onto the petals, I'll separate the pieces.

Good to be working again.

Till next time.

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