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Into August

A number of things have kept me busy. The usual summer things. We're now spared the smoke from the eastern fires now so it makes being outside much nicer.

And rewarding.

The front garden is at it's peak now with the autumn flowers just starting. If this rainy and stormy summer has taught me anything it's I have under watered my gardens for years.

But my big Little Bonsai have done well right through the scorching heat, but keeping them properly watered has been more an exercise in emptying saucers.

Throughout all these lovely floral displays I've been mentally working on a different sort of piece. Similar to the group work I did with Naomi's Boat, this is a multi panelled construct. The difference is I make all the panels BUT they are designed to be rearranged at will.

This is know as MYRIORAMAs. Research shows it was once a story card game and now has evolved into an art form. This was the brain child of an Art Group member with the target of our local quilt show in 2024.

My choice of subject? After spending hours in the museums of Paris how could it not but be Monet's Water Lilies.

Ambitious, yes.

So it's taken me weeks to figure out a method I was confident would do justice to the subject. This is drifting more and more into abstract, but if I can evoke the spirit of the scene, I'll be happy.

The first exercise was designing the layout as each panel needs registration points to render them interchangeable.

Selecting fabrics was next. I got as far as the water fabrics. The lilies are another time altogether.

Lots to plan yet.

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