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Impatient to Start Another Project

Casting about for a new project raises a lot of dust in my household. Hubby is always glad when I finally choose and peace reigns once more.

He was rather dismayed at the number of bandages that resulted from carving the regular grey linoleum, so for Christmas he bought me a variety of soft linoleum blocks to work with, as well as a selection of fabric paint!

I decided it was time to try working with the new lino.

After choosing a number of pictures (actually it arose when I decided to make a birthday card for an childhood buddy), I discovered tracing with carbon paper to transfer the image didn't work here. A wonderful friend suggested a 4B pencil deposit on the reverse of the picture. Not having a 4B pencil or anything like charcoal and being unwilling to go out, I found an internet tip using wood glue.

The process was exactly like Gel transfers so I tackled that.

It was an effort to resurrect the almost dried out glue but I got enough to dilute to brush on and make two trials blocks.

(I did rush the drying with the iron but managed to get a proof)

A little rough, but enough. I can still remove more of the paper. It should work, if I'm more patient and buy some fresh wood glue!

I guess while I'm out I should also find some 4B pencils!

A plus here, if you can call it that, is if the transfer isn't clear enough, the whole thing can be washed and sanded off. (Hopefully I don't need to do that often.)

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