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I'm T'ween Projects

The urge to create and sew never really goes away.

The momentum of a piece ends abruptly when its finished and I often find myself mentally spinning. That's the time for good long walks or exhausting gardening, anything to stop the buzz in my head.

A number of things that were supposed happen this summer, didn't.

With time and energy on my hands my local Guild came to the rescue. In my mail

was a notification for their Mystery Quilt of the summer. Perfect timing. Being a little short on any material of variety, I happily picked up a couple of 'kits' from our outreach program. These finished quilts will go to the domestic assault program in the hospital.

So I chose a couple of cheery kits with a colour range so far from my norm......PINK.

At the end of week three, I've a number of blocks complete.

The instructions are sent out once week. Something like this reminds me rudely that I'm a visual learner. I have to reread the details many times.

Most blocks are familiar but a few blocks I've never seen before. So the extra careful, readings (plus a few pictures) are necessary. So far no mistakes.

Did I ever mention I belong to the Elenore Burns school. ALL the trash goes to the floor.

And there's a ritual with everything I sew or create.

Everything is put away and all the waste is removed....

before I start a new piece.

In the meantime ......I'm, thinking about the next art piece.

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