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Hours of Slow Stitching

I didn't anticipate it would take 3 days to complete this second section, but I hadn't counted on the material being so layered I didn't have the hand strength to pull cotton/silk yarn through.

I resorted to using pliers. While it worked, it was even slower. I broke one needle by pinching too close to the eye and broke the tip off a second. But today with the sun shinning and quietly listening to Clannad , (and making hubby more Granola) I finished this section.

I do like how the stitching changes the feel.

So I've done about 1/2, and now I'm trying to decide whether I want to 'plier' my way through the rest of this piece or whether I can work on some other medium and apply it back. !

As I still haven't a use for this really doesn't matter.

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