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Home Stretch

I worked on the big Dragonfly till I found a way to anchor the wings to the body. The body is a few strands of loosely bound rovings held together by a wire wrap. I decided the wings were ornate enough and needed nothing else.

The wings of this big insect were 4 separate constructs. I though I could make a smaller one using a continuous wire. It worked. I wanted to add some interior mesh to the wings. I used a thin line of fabric cement on the single strand of wire and placed it onto Organza. Once it was dried and trimmed the mesh was taut and secure.

With that method I made another smaller dragonfly for the last panel. The wings are one continuous piece of wire and the body is a simple twisted pipe cleaner.

Both of these insects require eyes and need to be stitched firmly to the background. But they're at the point I can set this aside and turn to another project.

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