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Fresh Snow! Snow Dyeing

It's a nice feeling to have everything finished.

There have been a number of Snow and Ice dyeing videos popping up so I decided it would be a nice break. I do have a lot of Procion dyes but I found I didn't really have the temperament for the precision and safety protocols to do any volume of serious works. But the snow and Ice dyeing is my kind of colouring.

Sprinkle Sprinkle Sprinkle

Lots of freedom.

(Yes there are cautions but easy to follow)

Hubby donated (well rather ordered me my OWN tubs). A little bit of kitchen magic gave me all I needed. And I happen to have a bolt of white! I used two meters, two pieces

a) Pre wash to remove the sizing.

b) convert Baking soda to Washing soda by baking it at 200F for two hours.

c) dissolve a few Tbl spoons in a gallon of water and soak for 15 to 30 minutes.

I made racks or screens for my tubs with chicken wire, enough to keep them an inch above the melt.

d) arrange the wrung fabric on the screen.

e) cover with snow

f) sprinkle on a few spoons of dye powder ( WEAR a MASK for this part.)

Yellow, orange and black

Gold, yellow and navy

g) walk away.

Once the snow has melted, the fabric should sit undisturbed overnight and covered with plastic to keep it moist.

Tomorrow I'll finish these two pieces.

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1 Comment

I have never heard of snow dyeing. That is really cool

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