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Finishing the Second Stage

I really didn't think too hard about which one I chose. I actually worked on it in the afternoon while listening to the featured speaker from Australia who was part of the International Quilt Day Presentation.

I presented in the morning so I had the afternoon to work on the workshop pieces.

I only needed to finish a section, just the portion I had added the confetti to.

A layer of tulle and pinned just enough to keep things rom shifting. Then it was rolled and put under the sewing machine.

I like to use a leaf pattern for my meandering. I chose a colour that was reflected in the fabrics. In the long run it really doesn't matter as most of this will be concealed.

If so why did I spend two hours pinning a stitching?

Like the first of the four, I wanted this stage to be preserved as a sample of what I consider the second stage for this piece.

The backside shows the meander much clearer. Yes there appears to be spots I missed but really there was nothing to stitch in those area. The confetti needs only to be captured not stitched. Friction and being in a pocket of stitches keeps everything in place.

This last photo shows some of the cheesecloth applied to all 3 at the ground level. It's job is also to muddy the edges and add colour and texture. Each piece will be different because no two pieces were the same.

The last two pieces are roughly the same. Tomorrow?, one will be finished to the point where the cabin is added.

Lots more, much brighter confetti.

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