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February Sun

I finally found the time and the energy to revisit the intaglio etching I was doing last year.

Amazing how quickly I forgot some of the basics. But in re visiting some videos I picked up a few new tricks.

My first efforts were hardly stellar but I had decided I wanted to play with adding a colour to the finished piece. Painting the finished product is fine but I wanted to play with a colour stain.

Water colours are not an art form I've truly ever done, so there are a lot of messy pieces here.

I'm not sure about over- painting this much.

It seems to me you lose the fact that it was an etching to begin with. so maybe just a little bit of colour.

The one on the left had the colour added after the printing.

The one on the right had the colour stain added to the paper before the printing.

It's more what I have in mind.

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