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Feathered Ptarmigan

After the glue is 24 hrs dry, I'll go back and trim some of the overly enthusiastic 'down' and massage a few edge spots with bits of additional feather pieces..

I used a Hi Tack fabric glue.

To work with it, I had to select and prep a few feathers at a time as there was really only about 30 seconds to work. There was no repositioning them. Wrong position, and they were cut out.

Even though the Felted body of the bird was glued to the background, before I added additional feathers, I spent some time stitching it onto the canvas backing. The white 'snow' background is a knit and I didn't want to be surprised by any stretch.

The wing still needs to be attached, and it too, will be thread anchored. Before I finished 'feathering', I ran 3 long threads along the top edge. They will be passed through the canvas to be tied.

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