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Fabric Tiles

It took me about 3 days to cut up all the fabric., about half a metre.

There is some irregularity but for the most part they are all 1/4"x1/4"

They each should have fusible web on one side though from past experience I know some of the pieces will have shed the webbing during the cutting. A touch of glue will hold them.

The yellow is a mix of two fabrics.

After the initial cutting of the blue fabric, I divided them into three piles with different tones. Then they were sliced into tiny squares.

This will help to create a morning sky.

The green was a fussier sort. I cut the strips into 4 colourways: lime green, leaf green, deep green and finally the sections that had brown as part of the pattern. Then they were cut into squares.

All sorted and ready for tomorrow's start.

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