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Even smaller.....Ferns

I decided to forego my 8K bike ride this AM. The humidity was already high and the air quality readings were poor due to the wildfire smoke. I was going to go anyway but hubby was really concerned. So I stayed put.

After fussing a bit over some new potted youngsters outside, (too much rain and not enough sun,) I made some irrevocable pruning cuts on a few of my baby bonsai, changed my clothes twice as the air conditioning had already made my basement studio impossible in summer clothes, I turned my attention to the Tree.

I wanted some small fern species appearing to grow in the deep spaces of the big roots. These are very small in structure even if they cover a substantial area. I immediately rejected the free motion embroidery on tulle. It can be used better in larger features.

I tried snipping bits of fabric and dyed cheesecloth but I couldn't get them small enough even if I anchored them with a tulle overlay.

So I turned to direct hand embroidery.

I bought a few small skeins of hand dyed cotton crochet weight yarn last spring in a few shades of green. They were worth playing with to see if they gave me the look I was after.

The bonus was I could bring it all up to my desk and gaze at my garden and watch you tube videos as I worked.

Now I don't feel as strongly that the bark of the tree needed a lot more moss.

This took a few hours. I may add more 'green' but for now I can turn to another area.

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