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Diving In

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

I'm a little slow on the start up here. It's been a busy month or so. As this hasn't been my go to website (yet) I feel like I've neglected things all around.

The end of June I dismantled our group exhibit at the Library. We had a good 2 month run.....except the Covid rates in our region forced the Library to close for the whole of the time. The Librarian was very sympatric and offer us a new exhibit slot anytime. Maybe later.

But I did use some of that time to create and finish what My hubby calls pure tromp d'oil, the Forest Path.


One of the neat things with this piece was I used material I put through a smocking or pleating devise. Rather than manipulating the fabric on the background, it stayed pleated while I played with position and angles. Much better than trying to anticipate where the folds were needed or were going to be.

However the actual 'pleating' process was another learning curve. At the end (14th tree) I could prep and pleat an 'entire tree' in a very short time.

Once I got to the confetti work it was pure joy. Creating branches from thread and wool, adding leaves of different hues put me right under the forest canopy.

I normally document the process of these works and this one can be found in my old Word Press blog posts. Most of the subsequent work will be here in this new site blog.

It's nice to be recording my efforts once more.

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