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Cutting and Etching into Spring

As Spring is teasing us once again, I turned to my lino cutting. I carved and printed a few different things but this little darling (lino print) has a place in my heart.

But the Dry etching rabbit hole has become deeper and wider. For my birthday, my awesome partner gifted me with an etching press. (I may never been seen again.)

Lots to learn with this one as well. Currently I'm marking/scratching packaging grade plastic. I wasn't too impressed with the coloured pencil method but after sourcing the correct ink and adding the's pure magic.

First off the press........not too shabby!

I amazed with the delicacy of the lines. What possibilties!

The packaging substrate is proving to be a little too light, so I'll have to hunt down some 2-3 mm acrylic sheets. I know a glass company here in town that will serve for that source.

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