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Choosing a Background

Even if I wanted to, it's almost impossible to duplicate someone else's work, let alone the background they use. I've lived with the image of these four quail as a screensaver so I've been puzzling about their surroundings. Putting them into the pastoral scene changes the feel. They also affect the colour choice for the field.

So the fabric I painted today was done with the knowledge of the extensive wildfires that are burning all across North America.

If these four are survivors, the fire has passed and they huddle in what is left of their environment.

So I played with fire.

And as it's been a very long time since I dabbled I was feeling my way today. Still using up old paint, I was surprised to note I had very little black left. As it wasn't a primary I hadn't ordered the same volume of mix.

My usual painting area is filled with pots of vegetables so I shifted to the front. The only space really suitable was the driveway. It wasn't until started laying paint that I realize the slope was going to be a problems.

Alas I end up mopping with my cloth.

But in spite of that........ the two pieces turned out to be interesting.

And usable.

And when both pieces, (20"x40") are put together.......

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