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Branches done

I finished the the branches this morning, and then in a daring move (for me anyway,) I painted them over with a dilute solution of pearlized paint. This is giving me the frost look I had hoped for.

I dug thru my stash and found some black leather. I used it for the beak and the eye.

The eye is glued onto a small piece of white velvet. When the feathers are applied up to the eye, there will be a circle of white round the eye.

I did audition both the velvet and the terry cloth for the SNOW. In the end, the velvet didn't offer enough contrast so I played with the terry.

I added one dead leaf. A maple leaf was traced onto a piece of batik and cut out and then

i cut most of the interior cut away, and then crushed under my iron. A dozen of these should provide the look of dead leaves still on the trees as well as tie in the colour of the new feathers of the molting Ptarmigan.

I still need to play with how I've going to anchor the feathers.

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