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One of the things I pay an inordinate amount of time assembling is the background.

During the time I spend creating it I'm also clarifying how and what will be placed on it.

I'm leaving the 'sunflower field' as complete (for now) and am looking to create another background for the flower construct buzzing in my mind.

Some times your stash of fabric just doesn't have enough of anything that speaks to you. Then its time to try cutting and combining the fabrics.

I was very pleased with a piece I did years ago. That style was put aside for more detailed works. Thinking ahead to a Spring workshop, detail takes time and I don't like sending people home with lots of Homework, so I've thinking about weaving and patchwork.

Two fabrics with similar colour or tone work best.

In this piece, the background appears almost misty. The softness of these two background fabrics spoke "Spring" so the addition of pale leaves blended well.

The background adds to the vignette of a bird on a branch.

However these two hand painted fat quarters speak the same loud message. They're definitely candidates for summer.

And Sunflowers.

After ironing on a light weight fusible the were both slit and full length for one and width for the other.

Pinned to a plastic board I then wove them and then ironed them to set the ''glue"

Combined there is a lot of colour in this new Fat Quarter as well as light and movement rather than a static background.

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