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Back in Ontario

I had a great time with my sister and it ended too soon. We had plans to meet up next spring but our Highschool's 100th anniversary has been canceled due to Covid..... Plan B.....?

My intent on this trip was to look for detail, detail in the foliage and on the ground, no mountains on this trip.

We hiked neared Roger's pass. After about 1000ft up, (think the stair climb into Mordor), my sister and I turned pack and left the adventure to my brother in law.

I did take a lot of photos, though in the end, there are really only a few that inspire me. My little camera has limited macro ability so these have been thoroughly photoshopped several times. However they give me a record of the colour of lushness in the area.

Some of these images will appear in my work,...... some are just beautiful.


So many variations of rock, lichen and moss, leaves and berries.

Rocky outcrops in all directions.

Trees beyond description

The Columbia river outside of Golden BC

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