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And Now for Something Completely Different

With all the synthetic fibres in our lives we tend to forget about the fragile nature of natural fibres, namely wool/mohair.

As I got set to curl up on the couch with my tablet, I pulled up an old mohair throw, my mother's, of indeterminate age (50+) and stared at 5 holes I had known they were there but today I decided to fix them.

Moths? Probably.

I have so little pure wool fabrics and my rovings and sheerings are zipped away safely.

Nothing like the present to fix things.

The weave of this piece was so open and unbound I was able to tease out a single warp thread to use as a repair.

Weaving was quick and though it shows, I think a little brushing will help conceal that.

I can think of a lot less enjoyable ways to spend a chilly afternoon on the couch, under a mohair throw.

Bigger holes are easier! Who knew!

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