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Almost done

Today the real work was done, stitching it together and adding the bottom.

In spite of the angle of the photo, this is not a big purse.

Stitching where I could with the machine was tricky. I decided it was really necessary to stitch the seal allowances on the sides flat before I hand stitched the facing. Trimming them first helped.

The bottom was a bigger struggle working with the upholstery material. There was minimal room to work even with the table of my machine removed. But without wanting to remove some material (which I was loath to do as these were the weight bearing seams), I decide to again stitch the excess flat to the bottom. In the end, I could not maneuver into either of the end curves. There was no room for my hands if I wanted to see.!

But most of the base was stitched, namely the two sides, and the rest will benefit with a soft pounding with a rubber mallet before the bottom insert .

So all that's left now is the top edge and the handles.

The upper layer is the grey ultra suede. While it's not impossible to hand stitch I don't think I can get a nice crisp edge.


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