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A New Direction with Old Ideas

I've had a number of projects in my mind but have had a great deal of difficulty getting them to crystalize. I pulled out a quilt top I finished over a year ago and was going to put it on my frame, but I couldn't decide on a pattern (which was one of the reasons I put it away,) and I decided I wanted to enlarge it with Flying Geese. (There is a chart out there that gives all the piecing sizes, but then I'd have to find appropriate material. I got a lot out... and there its sits.)

My mind kept drifting back to the background I'd made for the workshop (Ana Buzzalino). I took on faith some instructions/suggestions from another creative artist, (Maggie Vanderweit) and CUT it up. I cut out the offending area and rejigged it on the wall.

I like it again. Wonders never cease.

Not sure what will become of it but it no longer mocks me. Even the shape is interesting.

And that piecing process took me back to the Boro bag I had made a year? ago and how much I'd enjoyed the slow stitching.

Slow stitching and up cycling is all over my Facebook feed. I like the idea. I've upcycled a lot over my sewing lifetime.

And that's why I scrounged the lengths of 2x2 lath pieces; to shrink my hand quilting rack so using it didn't involve moving/selling furniture.

So I wrapped the wood pieces today, cut a recycled sheet for a backing, cobbled together some batting and assembled the whole thing in my living room. (It's just too dark to work in a cold basement right now)

Choosing the bag (colour wise) of scraps took a little thought. I wanted a colour so I would use the resultant cloth. Orange, no....I had enough with the sunflowers, Greens or blues were too much of a rut. Red/pink just scared me. So I settled on browns/tans.

A shaky start, as I hadn't really thought about piece size, or what to do with the tag along colours.

So I spent a few hours basting pieces, choosing some and rejecting others for now, size and shape was altered on a few. Remarkable how few curves I have in my scrap pile.

Now that this is started and with easy reach, I think I can look forward to this uncertain holiday season of reinstated Covid restrictions and the uncertainty of Christmas family visits.

When I start spinning, I can sit down and do a little slow stitching.

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