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A Lino cut Birthday Card for an Old Friend

Working with the soft lino was a real pleasure and I was able to finish two different blocks.

The rabbit was pretty straight forward though some of the tapered and tiny cuts were a challenge with my cutting tools. I had reduced them from their original size not really think about the actual cutting.

Using a paper transfer did have it's drawback as any remaining fibres tended to highjack the blade and I needed to stop and clear it often.

That said it was quick and dirty, but on a recommendation from my friend, I've ordered some soft pencils as well as some fresh carbon paper.

The lino cut nicely and it was no effort to trim the excess with ordinary scissors

Test run in my journal and the cabin and the rabbit were good to go.

Printing on the fabric with print ink and not fabric paint wasn't quite as perfect as I had hoped but it was straight forward and dried quickly.

So now this card is off to my friend. Our birthdays are about 5 weeks apart.

The other piece, the cabin in the rain was better than I expected. I did a fabric test on a brown charm square and immediately fell in love.

I'm very pleased with that one. Moody!

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