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A Day of Experimenting

After I paper towel proofed the three Sunflower etchings, my next goal was to play with finding the best way to add colour. I'm not finished by any means but I did proof a few ideas.

This best first image illustrates a few things.

I worked with the still damp etching as it came off the press. This was the photo grade printer paper with a good weight and limited curling

The top left corners was coloured with artist's pens. They are still just markers and wouldn't blend or move.

In the lower right there is one petal marked with water soluble pencils. It moved right into the damp fibres and would budge. In fact, it started to lift the paper fibres when two colours were worked.

The winner is pretty evident in the lower left and upper right. Simple water colours stayed put and flowed into each other and not out of the intended spot.

This second page shows how some water colour paper is not suitable for my purpose as the colour kept moving throughout the damp paper.

Now I'm not going to write this off completely as I had thought of playing with colouring the paper before it went onto the press. That's another day's play.

But what I did accomplished was transferring the image onto cloth.

I tried it first as a lark with some medium weight cotton scraps from a quilt project and was pleasantly surprised.

So I jumped at cutting piece of unbleached muslin soaked it, blotted it and slapped it on the press. I'm happy.

Nice way to end a long day.

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