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Toning things down

It looks as though, for a while, I'll only be able to work in the mornings on this piece.

A heat wave has settled in and unfortunately, while the house is comfortable with the AC, my studio in the basement becomes and ice box. (Definitely a first world problem.)

I wanted to unify the foreground area a little more so I carded and added deep brown and grey fibre, filling the gaps and intending to anchor it all with tulle anyway, I decided to go dark, with black tulle.

It's easier to reintroduce bright colour as I finish it.

I found myself working too many areas before securing the bits so part of the morning was pinning and tacking little bits of tulle over fabric bits. The only trick was making sure what was supposed to be in front, or on top, remained on top.

A few stitch lines and the fibre on the foreground was anchored enough so I could hang the piece and snap a better picture. It's very easy to get lost in the detail here, so taking a lot of breaks (and avoiding the frig) is the routine.

The left side was yesterday; the right side shows the addition of dark fibres and black tulle.

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